Sri Siddha-deha Siddhanta Sutra – SWAMI B. V. VARAHA – EPUB

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What is the Soul? Where is the Soul? Is the Soul eternal? You are a Soul! I am a Soul! We are all eternal spirit Souls! The eternal spirit Soul is immortal and dwells in the heart.

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“Sri Siddha-deha Siddhanta Sutra” is a profound and esoteric treatise that in a very logical and systematic way illuminates the process of vaidhi-bhakti in its natural progression to raganuga-bhakti while comprehensively revealing the absolute reality, nature and cognition of the siddha-deha, which is our inherent, individual, eternal spiritual identity. Understanding the tattva and siddhanta in this transcendental treatise insures that one will never be attracted to, bewildered by, or confused when eradicating the erroneous conclusions of the babajis and the concocted aberrations of the sahjiyas. Evidence is documented from 232 references in Vedic scriptures as proof of validity.